NJ's ManDancing will release their sophomore album The Good Sweat on November 20 via Take This To Heart Records (pre-order), and we're now premiering the second single and its video, "Wall Spot."

The album was produced and mixed by Gatherers/Funeral Fires drummer Adam Cichocki, who helps ManDancing achieve a sound that's bigger and cleaner than ever before, and these songs show a progression songwriting-wise too. Frontman Stephen G Kelly jokes that ManDancing may as well be called "For Fans of Manchester Orchestra," due to how often people say that about them, and yes, fans of Manchester Orchestra will probably appreciate ManDancing's climactic, emo-tinged alternative rock, but they continue to develop a sound of their own. "Wall Spot" owes as much to acoustic singer/songwriter stuff as it does to towering post-rock as it does to crushing post-hardcore, and this song fuses all of those things pretty seamlessly. Stephen G Kelly's shaky voice is hard to not like, and when the band hit the explosive climaxes on this song, they really bring things to the next level. Listen and check out the video (directed and edited by Kris Kunachak Multimedia) below.


Hey Friends
Pancakes (Who Loves Who the Most)
Wall Spot
Poplar Mobus
The Good Sweat
Johnny Freshman

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