Manchester group Mandy, Indiana, who we named one of our 15 Artists to Watch in 2023, have announced their debut album, iʼve seen a way, that will be out May 19 via Fire Talk. The band made use of unusual spaces to record, including a mall in Bristol and drums that were recorded in a cave. Check out cover art and tracklist below.

The album includes "Injury Detail" that was released in January, and they've just shared "Pinking Shears," a jagged banger that overlays sheets of noise atop a '90s-style hip hop beat. Valentine Caulfield's voice drips with attitude, which is apparent even if you don't speak French, though if you're wondering, here are a few translated lyrics: "I no longer want to wake up When we let humans die / In the Mediterranean Sea / In unheated buildings / In our insane countries / When we choose our refugees /  Only blondes are allowed in / Those we bombard are told to fuck off / And then we elect bankers / And posh assholes and rentiers / And we are surprised to get fucked.'

The video for "Pinking Shears" was shot in a warehouse and gives a hint as to what their live show is like. Watch that below.

Speaking of live, Mandy, Indiana will be over this month for SXSW and hopefully they will return after that for more North American dates. They've got a few UK and EU shows lined up as well and all dates are listed below.

i've seen a way - Album Artwork

iʼve seen a way:
1. Love Theme (4K VHS)
2. Drag [Crashed]
3. Pinking Shears
4. Injury Detail
5. Mosaick
6. The Driving Rain (18)
7. 2 Stripe
8. Iron Maiden
9. Peach Fuzz
10. (ノ>ω<)ノ :。・:*:・゚ʼ★,。・:*:♪・゚ʼ☆ (Crystal Aura Redux)
11. Sensitivity Training

Mandy, Indiana Tour Dates
Wed. Mar. 1 - Manchester, UK @ Soup
Wed. Mar. 15 - Sun. Mar. 19 - Austin, TX @ SXSW
Mon. May 22 - Utrecht, NL @ Freaky Dancing
Fri. June 16 - Mannheim, DE @ Maifeld Derby
Sat. July 8 - Trencin, SK @ Pohoda
Sat. July 22 - Standon, UK @ Standon Calling

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