Poated on MySpace:

Effective immediately, Manitoba's (yes, the bar owned by The Dictators' own Handsome Dick Manitoba) has been forced to stop all live performances due to a neighbor couple that seems to have ignored the fact they purchased their apartment at an extremely low price because they live directly above a Rock N Roll bar that features live music!!

The bar had a hearing on Feb. 13 brought by complaints from the upstairs douchebags that have been harassing them. The bar lost but they're fighting back and are going to hit these assholes with a big lawsuit.

Live music might return pending a legal hearing, but for the time being the bar must bring it all to a screeching halt. If you see their selfish neighbors, please feel free to throw eggs.


They need to find the dates of every day they've had shows there going back to September 2006...that way they can show that the bar's revenue is harmed by the lack of shows, etc.

So, If your band has played Manitobas btw Sept. 2006 and Feb. 2007 send that information to Kevin at

We dont believe the upstairs douchebags have a chance, but again if you played there during that time, You Can Help!

Let's not lose another live venue, not to mention one of the best places in NYC for free punk shows. Dick's been a great supporter- lets support Him now.