Mansions haven't released any music since their 2017 EP Deserter and they haven't released a full-length since 2013's Doom Loop, but that will change this year with their new album, Big Bad, due June 26 via Bad Timing Records (pre-order). Deserter saw this band branching out from their hard-hitting alt-rock roots into synthier territory, and new single "Black and White" really finds them mellowing out. It still sounds like Mansions, but it's more ethereal and atmospheric, and this new vibe suits them well. Listen below.

As for the long break without music, the band's Chris Browder says, "I felt like I wasn’t having a ton of fun with music because it had become a job. It’s easy to get in your head and that really took its toll. It took a couple years to get back to enjoying music as a way to express myself again. It feels more like a creative necessity."

Mansions Big Bad

1. Do It Again
2. Black and White
3. Power Lines
4. Leader of the Pack
5. Let's Explode
6. Laser Beams
7. Get Loose
8. PPV
9. Redeemed
10. To Be Free
11. Strugglers