Many Blessings, the solo noise project of Ethan McCarthy who also plays in the sludge band Primitive Man and the grindcore band Vermin Womb, will release his sophomore album Emanation Body on May 29 via Translation Loss (pre-order). "Emanation Body focuses less on aggression and more on vibe and movement," Ethan says. "My previous material has been mostly based around harsh noise so I tried to incorporate it into what I was doing instead of using it as the basis for this set of material. I wanted to go with more of a 'slow cinematic burn' approach. Imagine having a story that you are unable to explain or express to anyone else with words, gnaw at the center of your core. With Primitive Man and Vermin Womb I can scream into the void about it, here I had to make the sounds of the void because I could not speak."

We're premiering lead single "Ruina," and you can definitely hear the "slow cinematic burn" approach on this song, which is still abrasive white noise but kinda feels more "beautiful" than "harsh." About this song in particular -- and life in general these days -- Ethan also adds:

This song (and the whole album) is greatest with headphones or with your stereo turned up LOUD, naked, in a dark room.

"Ruina" is inspired by wanting to self sabotage and ruin everything in your life. BUT I feel like you can only get that claustrophobic chaos vibe if you listen to it like I mentioned.

I miss the old way of life so much. I cried while listening to Drake/Future's "Life Is Good" this morning so that sums it up. But I'm glad this album is coming out and it gives me something to look forward to. I'm going to have lots of records to sell when we can safely go outside.


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