Australia-based singer-songwriter Maple Glider, aka Tori Zietsch, has signed to Partisan Records (in partnership with Pieater) with a new single, "Good Thing." Zietsch, who previously released music as half of electronic duo Seavera, began working solo material after breaking up the duo in 2018. She recruited Tom Iansek to help her produce and record, resulting in her debut single, "As Tradition," in addition to the new one.

"Good Thing" begins as delicate, dreamy folk before building to a stirring apex; fans of Sharon Van Etten's more stripped down, spare early work should find plenty to like here.

"I wrote this song out of a place of defeat," Zietsch says. "I was really heartbroken at this point, and very confused. I like the feeling of my independence and I think I was afraid of putting energy into the wrong people. Sometimes we make decisions out of fear and sometimes it’s because we know that it is the best decision to make. Those lines can get very blurry."

Watch the videos for "Good Thing," which was made with Zietsch's creative collaborate and housemate Bridgette Winten, below, and "As Tradition," below.