by Rob Sperry-Fromm


The noise-oriented M.A.P.S (Metropolitan Audio Pain Source) series will continue in November with performances from a Baltimore-centric lineup. The show is in NYC on November 8 at Trans Pecos and will feature performances from Reverse Baptism, FFH, Corephallism, Gene Pick, Field Grave, Spiteful Womb and Sickness. Tickets for this show are currently on sale.

Reverse Baptism are a power electronics/spoken word project from Jason Crumer of Facedowninshit and various other harsh noise projects. FFH, also from Baltimore, definitely fall on the more abstract end of the harsh noise spectrum, providing distorted vocals and thick washes of dissonant sound. The final Baltimore band, Gene Pick, traffic in a John Wiese-like type of noise that's more evenly distributed and paced, building a progression into madness from a series of harsh blips and hits that evolve into something more enveloping. Masssachusetts-based Corephallism bring a slightly more melodic, more metal-influenced sound (somewhat along the lines of Prurient) into the fray. This is an extremely varied lineup, with each out-of-town act bringing something unique to the table.

These shows are leading up to the big M.A.P.S. festival on December 13 at Trans Pecos. Updated lineup for that, and streams of the artists playing the 11/8 show, below.


Reverse Baptism


Gene Pick



MAPS Fest at Trans-Pecos - 12/13/14 Lineup
Deterge (IL)
Striations (CA)
Interracial Sex (WA)
Concrete Mascara (NJ)
Aischrolatreia (NYC)
Penchant (NYC)
Private Archive (MA/GA)
Ahlzegailzeguh (NY)
Breakdancing Ronald Reagan (TX)
Breaking The Will (MI)
Geryon (NYC)
Gnawed (MN)
Endless Humiliation (PA)
Brad Griggs (OH)
Orgasmic Response Unit (OH)
Oneirogen (NYC)
Pusdrainer (OH)
Custodian (WI)

DJs Vereker and JR
DJ Paypal

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