Comedian and podcaster Marc Maron has been going on Instagram Live most mornings to answer fan questions, film himself puttering around the house, cooking and more. Over the last week there's been a running gag about musician Kevin Morby, after a fan asked Marc if he ever listened to him. “I have no idea who Kevin Morby is, but somebody always throws his name out there," Marc said. "I asked somebody about Kevin Morby the other day.” This turned into a whole thing that became known as #TheMorbySituation

Kevin jumped in too, offering to go on Marc's WTF podcast, writing, "“Marc Maron not knowing who I am being a part of his morning programming is really making my week. I’m a huge Maron/WTF fan ever since hearing the Fionna Apple interview in 2012 and have logged many hours since so hearing his voice keep saying he doesn’t know who I am is an honor. I don’t know who I am either Marc.���

TheMorbySituation came to a boil on Sunday with Marc bringing Kevin on for a 20-minute "hot alt-rock clickbait" conversation about music, mutual friends, and more. Kevin's currently in Los Angeles while his partner, Waxahatchee's Katie Crutchfield, is in Durham, NC recording some music. Marc tried to get Kevin to give details on what music Katie is recording but Morby remained playfully tight-lipped. It's a fun, genial talk, and in-roads have been laid for that WTF podcast appearance. You can watch that below.

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