Marc Ribot at LPR (more by Bejamin Lozovsky)
Marc Ribot

Avant guitar great Marc Ribot will assemble the Marc Ribot Trio (with Henry Grimes and Chad Taylor) for a six-day stint at NYC"s West Village jazz institution Village Vanguard from June 26th - July 1st. There he'll visit pieces from Coltrane's Sun Ship as well as delve into his signature improvisational style. Tickets for all shows, twelve in total (an early and late showing per day), are still available.

You might be thinking that it's weird for Marc to be playing the Village Vanguard, well so does he...Marc says to the Voice...

You know, it's funny. The possibility of playing there came up when I did the Allen Toussaint gig. To tell you the truth, I never really viewed it as a possibility, and even after I was invited, I thought, well, do I have a project that belongs there? Which was not slighting me or it. I respect what I do and I greatly respect both the history and the present of the Vanguard. In fact, when I first came to New York, I used to sit on the steps of the Vanguard, listening to, like, Jim Hall or whoever was playing there until I'd get kicked out. [It was a] cheapo way to kinda sit on the steps upstairs and catch some of the set. [laughs] Before somebody came and chased me away. So in that sense, you might say I have a long relationship with the place. I always figured that I was a jazz musician in the same sense that Cindy Sherman was a fashion model. So I wasn't sure if I was right for the Vanguard.

But then, this past fall, I did this tour with Henry and Chad... My music has had a close relation with jazz for a very long time. For example, the music of Albert Ayler, which was considered jazz by some critics at the time and was not considered jazz by other critics at the time. One of the things that interested me in Ayler was translating it to the guitar. And so at times, we sounded more like some kind of punk band than what was recognized by most people as jazz. So I wasn't sure whether it would be a good fit. But I did a tour this last fall, with Henry and Chad, and I started thinking, "You know, maybe we do have something to say within the tradition." And so that's why we're here. It's a funny thing to think, you know, after practicing for forty-five years. [laughs] Some people are just late bloomers.

The rest of that interview is at the Village Voice.

Ribot will also soon embark on a tour with/as Marc Ribot Y Los Cubanos Postizos and Allen Toussaint's Bright Mississippi, though none in NYC with those crews. Check out Ribot's full tour schedule below along with a few videos.


June 26, 2012 Village Vanguard, New York, NY&
June 27, 2012 Village Vanguard, New York, NY&
June 28, 2012 Village Vanguard, New York, NY&
June 29, 2012 Village Vanguard, New York, NY&
June 30, 2012 Village Vanguard, New York, NY&
July 01, 2012 Village Vanguard, New York, NY&
July 06, 2012 Maribor - Slovenia Festival Lent*
July 07, 2012 Arkadenhof Rathaus - Vienna, Austria*
July 08, 2012 Rote Fabrik - Zurich, Switzerland*
July 10, 2012 Paris, France New Morning *
July 11, 2012 Fort Sainte Agathe - Porquerolles, France*
July 13, 2012 Marktplatz - Dornbirn, Austria*
July 14, 2012 Amsterdam/Netherlands Bimhuis *
July 15, 2012 LA SCENA BREBU NOU - Garana, Romania Garana Jazz Festival *
July 17, 2012 Munchen, Germany Bayerischer Hof *
July 18, 2012 tba - Barcelona, Spain*
July 20, 2012 San Sebastian, Spain Heineken Jazzaldia*
July 21, 2012 Sines, Portugal Festival Musicas do Mundo*
July 29, 2012 Calgary, Canada Calgary Folk Music Festival*
August 31, 2012 Curacao North Sea Jazz^
September 02, 2012 Chicago Jazz Festival^
& as part of Marc Ribot Trio
* as part of Marc Ribot Y LOS CUBANOS POSTIZOS
^ as part of Allen Toussaint's BRIGHT MISSISSIPPI