by Andrew Frisicano

Ceramic Dog

Guitarist Marc Ribot has been talking for years about the monetary difficulties working musicians face (his efforts include negotiating with music festivals for fair pay and working with the NYC musicians union). He put some of those ideas into song form earlier this year with "Masters of the Internet," a track off Your Turn, the most recent album from his power trio Ceramic Dog. He expanded on those ideas with a post about the song, writing "hey, we love our tech toys too, but an empty i-Pod is just a crappy paper-weight."

This fall, there are a ton of chances to see Ribot in a variety of genre-hopping settings. He plays Thursday (9/12) at Issue Project Room with saxophonist Matana Roberts and guitarist Cian Nugent, as part of the IPR's ongoing ten-year anniversary celebration.

Ribot also has dates with Ceramic Dog, multi-instrumentalist David Hidalgo (as a duo) and the Marc Ribot Trio (with avant jazzers Henry Grimes and Chad Taylor). He also takes part in a number of the upcoming John Zorn @ 60 concerts, which have been happening all year and end on October 4.

Full dates are listed below.



A number of people have asked us what's up with Masters of the Internet. Do we hate our fans? Are we Luddites? Well, no and no. Here's what we think: We don't really expect much from asking people who are downloading stuff for free to voluntaristically pay up- although, yeah, we could use that dollar right about now, and we support Trichordist's Principles for an Ethical and Sustainable Internet . We don't know what the ultimate solution is- but we know it isn't the impoverishment of musicians and defunding music. And we know it isn't pretending that no-one is being hurt. Corporations are making huge profits from the ads on 'free' sites, from selling the hard and software that make illegal downloading possible. They need to give back a portion of their billions to the people who do the work: hey, we love our tech toys too, but an empty i-Pod is just a crappy paper-weight. Giving us back part of the value we create would make a real FREE culture possible- one where fans get what they need, AND creative community workers get paid. Bread and Roses, baby!

---Marc Ribot - 2013 Dates:
Marc Ribot Solo for Issue Project Room's 10th Anniversary
09.12.13 - Issue Project Room - Brooklyn, NY

David Hidalgo & Marc Ribot Duo (NYC Premiere)
09.16.13 - City Winery - New York, NY

w/ John Zorn
09.15.13 - NYU Kimmel Center - New York, NY
John Zorn's Masada Marathon
09.21.13 - Anthology Film Archive - New York, NY
John Zorn's Essential Cinema
09.22.13 - Anthology Film Archive - New York, NY
John Zorn's Essential Cinema
09.27.13 - Miller Theatre - New York, NY
John Zorn's Game Pieces
09.28.13 - Le Poisson Rouge - New York, NY
John Zorn's Song Project

Ceramic Dog (w/ Shahzad Ismaily & Ches Smith)
10.03.13 - Tropicalia - Washington, DC
10.04.13 - Union Pool - Brooklyn, NY
10.05.13 - Boot & Saddle - Philadelphia, PA

Marc Ribot Trio (w/ Henry Grimes & Chad Taylor)
European Tour
10.11.13 - La Scène Watteau - Nogent sur Marne, France
10.12.13 - De Warande - Turnhout, Belgium
10.13.13 - De Casino - St. Niklaas, Belgium
10.14.13 - CC Diest - Diest, Belgium
10.15.13 - Cafe Oto - London, UK
10.16.13 - Cafe Oto - London, UK
10.17.13 - Victoria Nasjonal Jazzscene - Oslo, Norway
10.18.13 - Institut Francais de Berlin - Berlin, Germany
10.19.13 - Stadtgarten - Köln, Germany

Marc Ribot Trio returns to the Village Vanguard!
11.05.13 -11.10.13 - Village Vanguard - New York, NY