Marta Cikojevic has been keyboardist in Montreal soft pop group TOPS since 2017, but never really wrote her own songs until the last couple years. Beginner's luck perhaps, but her solo debut as Marci, released back in August, shows that like the band she's in, Marci's got an uncanny knack for smooth, R&B-flecked earworms. Written with TOPS guitarist David Carriere, the album recalls Off the Wall-era Michael Jackson, the more suave pop moments of Feist, and a little Fleetwood Mac a la Tango in the Night. You can listen to the whole album below.

With the year coming to a close, we're asking artists to tell us about their favorite albums of the year, and Marci's Top 10 includes a few fellow Canadians (Jane Inc, Orville Peck, Sean Nicolas Savage), plus Steve Lacy and more. Check out her full list, complete with commentary, below.

Marci is on tour now with TOPS, who are opening for Soccer Mommy. She's got a few solo shows lined up for 2023, including NYC's New Colossus Festival in March.

~IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER and trying my very best to narrow down to 10!! Many great records out this year~

Jane Inc - Faster Than I Can Take
I’ve always been a big fan of Carlyn and her music! Her production and writing style often reminds me of Prince. Some great dance/disco inspired songs on this record, but right now Im loving this track and what sounds like Brazilian influenced production “Picture of the Future”.

Orville Peck - Bronco
Iconic human being and musician!! Crooner country at its finest. So many great hooks, beautiful songwriting and emotive singing. Orville is a captivating story teller and I love entering his world. Current track is “Out of Time”

Patrick Holland - You’re the Boss
This record is full of groovy moments! The production has big boss energy. Indie music made by a DJ who makes killer dance hits. I’m also crashing at his place for a couple days so I’ll tell him you say hi.

Sofie Royer - Harlequin
This album feels very nostalgic to me, of a time when I was getting into Harry Nilsson and Carole King. Very classic song writing with some modern takes. Not overly produced in the best way.

Mitch Davis - The Haunt
Mitch is an all around amazing musician and human, he played on a lot of Marci and plays in the live band actually. This record showcases incredible musicianship. “Hope That” gives me insane feels of nostalgia of a time long gone but moving on. Also “The Haunt” is a beautiful longing and haunting piano song.

Σtella- Up and Away
The song "Nomad:… does crazy things to me… feels like forbidden love. This whole record is such ear candy, I love the Greek folk influences.

Paul Cherry - Back On the Music!
Such intelligent chord progressions And great production! He’s also been guesting in the Marci world - great keys player this guy. Paul’s vibe and energy are always welcome. I also love the visuals for this record.

Ultra Flex - Infinite Wellness
Not only is this record full of fun sexy moments, but their live show is also incredibly fun and sexy, Glam and power. Put this on if you want to feel strong confident and sexy.

Sean Nicholas Savage - Shine
Sean is always teaching me things through his music, I appreciate how authentic he is. This record showcases his genius song writing with a more bare but impactful production style.

Steve Lacy - Gemini Rights
The record on everyone’s lists, for good reason. Gives me sly stone vibes at times. Song writing is amazing, production is amazing, it’s inspiring and does all the things a great record can do.

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