Markov Soroka's (of Aureole, Drown, Krukh, Tchornobog, and more) father sadly suffered a severe heart attack earlier this year, and he survived but he was left without a job and insurance and he faces at least $66,000 in medical bills. To help him out, 35 bands have come together for the benefit compilation Vigor Reconstruct: A Benefit For The Soroka Family, including Esoteric, Krieg (Profanatica cover), Many Blessings, Mare Cognitum (who contribute a Thin Lizzy cover ft. The Black Dahlia Murder's Trevor Strnad, as well as an Emperor cover), Old Nick, Panopticon (King's X cover), Spectral Lore, Weald & Woe (Bathory cover, and not to be confused with Woe who are also on this comp), Höstblod (Tori Amos cover), and more.

You can stream Mare Cognitum's Emperor cover, Höstblod's Tori Amos cover, and Old Nick and Caina's contribution below, and you can get all 35 songs by picking up the comp at Bandcamp for $6.66 or more.

The full description reads:

Markov Soroka's father suffered a severe heart attack earlier this summer and, though he survived, was left without a job nor insurance in the wake of such tumult. Now the Soroka family faces at least $66,000 in medical bills. It is our hope that this compilation, featuring some of the very best of the metal (and beyond) underground, will help ameliorate some of the financial woes which they face.

We will also concurrently be running a raffle for the original hand-painted artwork by Calvin Cushman, as well as original artwork by Karmazid (Tchornobog logo et al). At $5 per ticket, you are welcome to purchase as many "tickets" as possible (Paypal the total amount as Friends and Family to between 10/2 and 10/4 (at midnight PST), with the winners being announced 10/5. Global shipping will be covered by the artists.

We have all been touched by Markov Soroka's art in one way or another -- be it their work as Aureole, Drown, Krukh, Tchornobog, or any of their other artistic endeavors. We owe a lot to Markov, and now it's time for us to give back.

All proceeds will go to the Soroka family.

1. Adrasteia - Markov Song vii
2. Äkth Gánahëth - Gap ginnunga
3. An Evening Redness - The Judge
4. Book of Sand - Our Father Who Eats His Young
5. Caïna - Emi Sakura (Demo)
6. Déhà - Unanswered
7. Despondent Moon - The Crystal Dagger in the Mighty Woods
8. Ebony Pendant - Casting The Forbidden Spell
9. Esoteric - Dissident (Remixed/Remastered)
10. Fetters - Our Concrete Sepulchres
11. Ghostbound - Standing Stones (Demo)
12. Höstblod - Winter (Tori Amos Cover)
13. Këkht Aräkh - Elegy For The Memory Of Me (Lamp of Murmuur Remix)
14. Krieg - Spilling Holy Blood (Profanatica Cover)
15. Lamp of Murmuur - Blood Moon Lunacy (Re-recording)
16. Mania - Distorted Views
17. Many Blessings - I love you too much to let you near me
18. Mare Cognitum - Emerald (Thin Lizzy Cover feat. Trevor Strnad)
19. Mare Cognitum - Cosmic Keys To My Creations And Times (Emperor Cover) 05:58
20. Morgul Blade - The Five Will Ride At Dawn
21. Nocturno Volvo - Transilvanian Drifter (Darkthrone Cover)
22. Old Nick - Necromancer of... 1923 03:23
23. Panopticon - Pleiades (King's X Cover)
24. René Aquarius - II
25. Sallow Moth - Artificial Evolution
26. Sovereign - Eunuch
27. Spectral Lore - All of Our Maps are Lost in the Wind
28. Stellar Descent - Aether (Excerpt)
29. Trapped in Shit - Three
30. Ühtceare - La Inexorable Amargura En La Existencia
31. Upir - Frostbitten Communion with the Edolon of Night
32. Wærloga - Enemy
33. Weald & Woe - Baptised in Fire and Ice (Bathory Cover)
34. Woe - The Din
35. Zothique - Domes of Yethlyreom


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