Canadian doom/sludge duo Mares of Thrace put out a demo for a song off their upcoming third album way back in 2014, and they've undergone multiple lineup changes since then, and now they've finally, officially announced their first album since 2012's The Pilgrimage. It's called The Exile and due March 25 via Sonic Unyon (pre-order). The album was made by original vocalist/guitarist Thérèse Lanz andd new drummer/bassist Casey Rogers, and lead single "Mortal Quarry" is a total riff feast that finds the band's sound in fine form.

"'Mortal Quarry' is about a particularly dark chapter in the chronicle of the last decade," Thérèse said in a statement, "losing someone to mental illness and addiction, and leaving the US right before a particular political event in the winter of 2016 sunk world history into new lows of existential dread-hell." Listen below.

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