Amazon Music has a new series called “Produced By,” which pairs a producer with a selection of artists to record a one-off single with each of them. The first producer being spotlighted for the series is Matt Ross-Spang. He did songs with two country artists he’s worked with before, the legendary John Prine and contemporary great Margo Price, plus two soul legends: William Bell and Al Green. The first out is Margo Price’s new “Leftovers,” which Margo recorded with her touring band at RCA’s historic Studio A. Here’s what Margo says about it:

I wrote ‘Leftovers’ based on the kinds of people that don’t have any original ideas of their own. It could be anything from stealing a song idea, to copying someone else’s style, or dating an ex of a good friend…..I also really just wanted to rhyme ‘asshole’ with ‘casserole’ and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Matt Ross-Spang is a legendary producer and engineer in the making, who puts his blood, sweat and tears into making some of the best sounding records of our decade. We always have a lot of fun in the studio.

It’s a great song that should instantly please fans of Margo’s previous material, and you can check it out below. Stay tuned for the other songs in this series.