Merchandise at WIERD, September 2012 (more by Phil Maler)

Freelance writer and DJ Maria Sherman gave us a list of her favorites of 2012, including top shows and her favorite label. Check out her list below.

On that list is Merchandise's performance at 538 Johnson, one of the few early performances to feature now-permanent drummer Elsner Nino (also of Shoxx). The new-look Merchandise will perform twice at 285 Kent this week, including tonight's show WITH Night Sins, Pharmakon, Herzog Rising AND Shoxx.

Maria Sherman's Best of 2012 and a video of Merchandise from 538 Johnson earlier this year, below...


Maria Sherman's Top 10 Shows of the Year

1.) Chaos In Tejas (cheap answer, so I guess I'll go with the Recycling Center gig)

Hoax at Recycle Center

2.) Chickfactor Reunion Shows: NY (also a cheap answer, but the Softies and Black
Tambourine were incredible)
3.) Eugenics Council at 285 Kent (because we almost died)
4.) VAR at Wierd
5.) Merchandise at 538 Johnson (with Elsner Nino on drums)
6.) Pygmy Shrews finale at 285 Kent
7.) Wiccans / Warthog at the Acheron
8.) Twerps (Boston) at the Row House in Holyoke, MA
9.) Belgrado at the Acheron
10.) VAR and Pharmakon at Red Light District in Far Rockaway (Pharmakon's Surprise Birthday Show)

Label of the Year:
Ascetic House

Best Venue to Shutter It's Doors in 2012:
Dad City

Song of the Year:
Merchandise - Become What You Are

Best Reissues:
1.) Bikini Kill - Bikini Kill EP
2.) Porter Ricks - Biokinetics
3.) Tronics - Love Backed By Force
4.) Josef K - Sorry For Laughing
5.) William Basinski - The Disintegration Loops
6.) The Servants - Small Time/Hey Hey We're The Manqués
7.) The Trypes - Music For Neighbors
8.) Laurie Spiegel - The Expanding Universe
9.) Royal Trux - Accelerator
10.) Ride - Going Blank Again


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