Psych-folk singer/songwriter Mariee Siou has announced a new self-produced EP, Circle of Signs, due April 28 via self-release (pre-order). The first single is "Snake Hoop," a song Mariee wrote after taking part in an ayahuasca ceremony, with lyrics written during the George Floyd protests. Mariee says:

I experienced walking the scales of the ouroboros and faced my own death. I felt and saw all the energy of creation as endless and eternal cycles and was overcome with a deep reassurance in that knowing. It seemed my spirit was smiling at the beauty and necessity of death for the existence of life, and had aligned with the light of the stars. After the ceremony, I went out into the early dawn, in the forest of the Sierra foothills, and began humming this melody in the breaking of a new day.

The song carries a cyclical, rhythmic sound that almost feels like a chant through a kind of ethereal, mythic-folk-rock, that brings in soft lilting qualities like flutes and tinkling piano played by Patrick Mcgee, that ebb and flow while high harmonies in the chorus dance through the hypnotic melody.

While the lyrics were written while George Floyd protests were raging around the world (“Been acquainted with apparitions in the night, hoods sewn from the gaunt waving stripes”), the track reflects on America’s haunting foundation of racism and slavery, the continued brutality to people of color in America today, and the cycles of violence and destruction also found within creation and thus humankind as well.

Listen and watch the Chloe Becky-directed video below...

Mariee Siou

01. Evil Crawls the Line
02. Circle of Signs
03. Snake Hoop
04. Végre Vissza

Mariee Siou -- 2023 Tour Dates
May 12 - Boulder Creek, CA - Lille Aaeske*
May 13 - Carpinteria, CA - Sweet Mountaintop Farm^
May 14 - Los Angeles, CA - Ghengis Khan
May 19 - Berkeley, CA - Ashkenaz^
May 21 - Nevada City, CA - Miner's Foundry^
May 24 - Olympia, WA - New Traditions Fair Trade^
May 25 - Seattle, WA - Tractor Tavern^
May 26 - Portland, OR - The Old Church^

*Solo set
^ w/ Kacey Johansing

Mariee Siou
photo by Nicolas Stokes

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