UPDATE (6/7): Album out now - stream it and read our review.

Mariee Sioux Grief In Exile

California folk singer Mariee Sioux has always taken her time with her music. She waited five years to follow her breakthrough 2007 release/proper debut Faces in the Rocks with 2012's Gift for the End, and this time she waited even longer to release a new album. Her latest is called Grief In Exile, it comes out June 7 via Night Bloom Records (pre-order), and going by lead single "Snow Knows White," it'll be worth the wait. Mariee says that wrote this song back in 2015 "after a difficult ending of a six year relationship in Bolinas, California (also where the video was filmed)." She adds, "It started as a chant melody in the car, almost lullaby sounding that drifted into my consciousness, the words just started pouring out without even being written down. When I returned to the house I was staying at I penned this song in a day as if it immediately had to be born to start the transformation process to move on and heal from a very entrenched love affair, an experience that left me shaken and grasping to reclaim myself."

It's a gorgeous song, one that scratches the same itch as her previous material but also sounds new and refreshing. If you're unfamiliar, Mariee makes delicate, tucked-away folk music that recalls cult '60s/'70s artists like Vashti Bunyan, with dream-like elements that have gained her comparisons to Mazzy Star (who she has toured with). For a more modern comparison, fans of Marissa Nadler and Jessica Pratt would probably like this too, and if you like any of the aforementioned artists, I can't recommend Mariee Sioux enough. The video for the new song was directed by Mariee and filmed by Finn, and it features grainy footage of Mariee performing the song out in the West Coast nature. It looks like something that could've come straight from the vault of lost early '70s footage, and it matches the song perfectly. Watch below.

Mariee has one upcoming tour date at the moment in her current hometown of Nevada City, CA this Saturday (3/23).

UPDATE (6/7): Album out now - stream it and read our review.

1. Black Snakes
2. Baby Wave
3. Goose Song
4. Never Known
5. Behind The Veil
6. Grief In Exile
7. Snow Knows White
8. Coyote With The Flowering Heart
9. Love Like Water
10. My Birds

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