Singer-songwriter Marina Allen is following up last year's excellent Candlepower with Centrifics on September 16 via Fire. She made the album with producer Chris Cohen, and it features appearances by Logan Hone, Jonny Kosmo, Emily Elhaj, Jasper McMahon, Ben Varian and Joachim Polack.

“I went into writing Centrifics knowing I wanted to give myself permission," says Marina. "I was fed up with hiding myself and a fierceness started to enter the songs, which I leaned into. The entire time I was writing, I just kept saying 'yes,' that was my only rule. In a way, these songs became a bridge for me to get to the other side and so Centrifics became aspirational. I threw the stone into the ocean as far as I could and then figured out how to swim to it. Instead of trying to get it perfect, the album works as a ladder to confront and hoist myself over all the hurdles, walls, setbacks and suffering. In that way imagination became a tool I desperately clung to rather than a place to recede.”

The first single off the album is "Superreality," which finds her folk-pop style -- steeped in The Carpenters, Linda Perhacs, and The Roches -- in excellent form. "I wrote Superreality in my living room on a broken keyboard," she says. "It's a transparent, stream-of-conscience dialogue about the innocence it takes to start over after upheaval. The song was written in the rare and delicate moment in transformation, between leaving one reality and entering another." Watch the video below.

Marina hasn't announced a tour, but she will play a Centrifics release show in Los Angeles at the Lodge Room on September 21.


1. Celadon
2. Getting Better
3. Or Else
4. Smoke Bush
5. Superreality
6. New Song Rising
7. Halfway Home
8. My Stranger
9. Foul Weather Jacket Drawing
10. Gardiner’s Island

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