Los Angeles singer-songwriter Marina Allen makes the kind of singer-songwriter pop steeped in the '70s classics -- Laura Nyro, Judee Sill, The Carpenters, etc -- but is clearly making her own kind of music. She's just announced her debut album, Candlepower, which will be out June 4 via Fire.

The first single off the album is "Oh Louise," which is a great showcase for her honeyed, crystal clear voice and jazzy, folky songwriting style. (If you're wondering "does it sound like Weyes Blood?" well yes, a little.)  She packs a lot into three minutes and makes for a great taste of things to come. Watch the video below.

marina allen -candlepower

1. Oh, Louise
2. Original Goodness
3. Belong Here
4. Sleeper Train
5. Believer
6. Ophelia
7. Reunion