Guitarists Marisa Anderson and William Tyler will release a collaborative album, Lost Futures, on August 27 via Thrill Jockey. The two met at tribute to David Berman in Portland in January of last year. “There was an obvious and immediate affinity musically and personally which led to the feeling that we should try and do something together," says Anderson, "but in January of 2020, both of us had pretty full schedules so it was more of a vague idea to do something, someday… then COVID hit." Anderson and Tyler ended up working together remotely.

The album's title comes from the late British writer and cultural theorist Mark Fisher's concepts of futures that never arrived. “For every choice made, every path taken, there are multitudes of choices not made, paths not taken,” notes Anderson. It's good that Anderson and Tyler chose to follow-up and work together as Lost Future's title track is a gorgeous piece, with their simpatico atmospheric styles intertwining. Listen to that below.

Anderson plays on the latest in Stuart Hyatt's Field Works series, Cedars, that also features H.C. McEntire and more.

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