Marissa Nadler has announced a new EP, The Wrath of the Clouds, featuring three previously unreleased songs written during the sessions for last year's great The Path of the Clouds, plus covers of the Alessi Brothers' 1976 soft rock single "Seabird" and Sammi Smith's 1971 melancholic country song "Saunders Ferry Lane" (here just titled "Ferry Lane"). One of the originals ("All the Eclipses") features guest vocals by Amber Webber of Black Mountains , who also appeared on Path. "Once I had finished the album, these two covers were on the top of my list," Marissa said. "These were a really nice capping off to the season of this writing."

The first single released is Marissa's cover of "Seabird." It's a brighter, more upbeat song than Marissa's usual material, but she adds her own flair to it without losing the charm of the original. Listen below. The EP arrives February 4 via Sacred Bones (pre-order).

1. Guns on the Sundeck
2. All the Eclipses
3. Some Secret Existence
4. Ferry Lane
5. Seabird

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