Quarantine-induced boredom has caused a lot of the music nerds among us to pass the time by filling out brackets -- usually either of a genre or a band's discography -- and last night record store/label Smartpunk challenged Mark Hoppus to fill one out for his own band, blink-182. Mark did it, and spoiler, "Feeling This" won! He said it took him just two minutes - "I went with my gut and didn’t second guess anything." (Also of note: he referred to "I Miss You" as "Yed.") You can see Mark's bracket below and he invites you to Argue Online about it.

Mark also dropped some gems in the replies. One person asked him why he picked "Anthem Pt. 2" over "Not Now," and Mark replied, "Anthem Pt 2 is some of Tom’s best songwriting. The intro still gives my chills. That stab of guitars and drums with the arpeggiated guitar line? Chef’s kiss."

When asked why "Feeling This" won, he said, "It’s the apex of blink-182. The best of all of us. It was different and new and (in my opinion) groundbreaking."

Meanwhile, Mark continues to spend his quarantine playing Animal Crossing on Twitch and performing some solo acoustic songs while doing so. So far he's done a bunch of blink-182 oldies/deep cuts, some +44, and some covers too, including The Cure's "A Letter To Elise" and Jimmy Eat World's "Crush." He also confirmed that the leaked version of blink-182's "I Really Wish I Hated You" with guest vocals by Miley Cyrus was real. And these Twitch streams have been for a good cause too. They recently helped him raise money for Children's Hospital LA.

Last but definitely not least, CNN reports: Tom DeLonge Vindicated as Navy Finally Publishes UFO Footage.

Here's Mark's bracket and some of those Animal Crossing acoustic songs: