Michigan emo-pop band Hot Mulligan recently released the song "Featuring Mark Hoppus" off their upcoming EP I Won't Reach Out To You, and no, it doesn't really feature Mark Hoppus, but the real Mark Hoppus responded on his After School Radio Apple Music show by discussing the song with Hot Mulligan guitarist Chris Freeman. He also asked to be featured on a future Hot Mulligan track. It went like this:

Mark Hoppus: I want to talk to you about your new song titled "Featuring Mark Hoppus," what the heck? What's going on?

Chris Freeman: Well, it doesn't feature Mark, obviously. That's part of the whole bit is that it doesn’t.

Mark: I like it.

Chris: This isn't the first time something like this. We had one song called 'All You Wanted' by Michelle Branch in the past. She was quite confused, but she's not really like a pop-punk godfather. And as a pop-punk band, I felt like we really had to tap into that if we were going to do it again.

Mark: Have you gotten feedback like, "Where's Mark on the track?" "Thank God Mark's not actually on the track," anything like that?

Chris: A little bit of everything. There's some Reddit comments that are like some people know right away and they're like, "We should prank everyone and pretend it's him on the track." We parted ways with our bassist during this EP rollout, so some people speculate that Mark played the bass on the EP. Some people think they can hear him doing the harmonies. And then there's a couple of comments that are like, you know, 'Thank God Mark's not on the track' and then a couple that we're selling this forgetting Mark on the track.

Mark: That's awesome. I read somewhere that I was actually playing keyboards on the track. And that's why the title is called “Featuring Mark Hoppus," which of course I didn’t.

Chris: No, You didn't play keys, but I mean, who does most of it's in the computer nowadays anyways?

Mark: Yeah, Absolutely. Can I be featured on a future Hot Mulligan track?


Mark: Can we call it “Not featuring Mark Hoppus?”

Chris: Yeah.

Check out the clip and listen to the song below.

Mark Hoppus will also be a guest on the just-announced Vagrant Records 25th anniversary podcast.

Hot Mulligan are also touring this fall with Prince Daddy & the Hyena, Sincere Engineer, and Super American.



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