After being accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women in an August 2020 report from Pitchfork, several more women have come forward with their own allegations against Mark Kozelek, as a new report from Pitchfork details. According to Pitchfork, the "new allegations include nonconsensual nudity and masturbation, unwanted touching, and one claim of nonconsensual intercourse" and they span from Mark's days in the early 1990s with Red House Painters up through his days with Sun Kil Moon in the 2010s. Pitchfork add that there are similar patterns of behavior across the accusations from both of their reports, and that "several women allege that Kozelek brought them to hotel rooms with assurances that he wouldn’t try anything sexual, then suddenly removed his clothes and made advances." Several of them also say that they were fans of Mark Kozelek's music and met him at shows.

Kozelek had denied the previous allegations, and he also denied the newer accusations in a statement to Pitchfork, which reads:

Apparently an effort is being made by those with an agenda to renew and recirculate the same kinds of false allegations and innuendo that were the subject of my prior statement in August 2020,” it reads, referring to Kozelek’s earlier denial of the claims in Pitchfork’s initial reporting. “I continue to categorically deny that I engaged in the inappropriate incidents falsely depicted in the media. I intend to vigorously defend myself against these untruthful allegations and to pursue and protect my rights in the event that false and defamatory statements are disseminated or published.

You can read Pitchfork's full report on the allegations here.

If you or someone you know is suffering from sexual violence, please contact RAINN or call the National Sexual Abuse Telephone Hotline at 1-800-656-4673.

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