Dark Mark & Skeleton Joe, aka the synth-leaning duo of Mark Lanegan and The Icarus Line's Cardamone, will release their self-titled debut album on October 15 via Rare Bird/Kitten Robot Records.

"The project is called Dark Mark vs. Skeleton Joe because we both have assumed these alter egos over the years,” says Cardamone. "The material we wanted to do together seemed to take well to the idea that our personas here are as if we’re now outcasts to our own creative selves." He adds, "I always thought the record functioned on a day to night level. The hard songs are for when the sun is gone and the cuts without percussion are for the day after the primal beating."

One of the "night" songs on the album is "No Justice," a strutting goth-electro banger that really suits Lanegan's deep, weathered voice. You can listen to that below.

1. Livin Dead
2. No Justice
3. Lost Animals
4. Hiraeth
5. Lay Me Down
6. No Way Out
7. Turning In Reverse
8. Burned
9. Crime
10. Sanctified
11. Traction
12. Red Morning Sun
13. Cold Summer
14. Sunday Night 230 AM
15. Basement Door