Dark Mark vs. Skeleton Joe is the collaborative duo of Mark Lanegan and Joe Cardamone of The Icarus Line. “The fact that it's not like anything either one of us have done before is what makes this so interesting for me,” says Lanegan. “When you have done as much stuff as Joe and I, you have to constantly search for the different and challenging to keep yourself engaged.” Joe adds, “I just wanted to make some instrumentals that I thought Mark’s voice would shine on, something hard with space for Mark to let go.”

The duo's debut 12" is out today and features two tracks: the especially gothy "Dark Mark Theme" and the near EBM/industrial "Skeleton Joe Manifesto." You can stream both sides of the 12" below and you can order the vinyl here.

Lanegan and Cardamone have a full length Dark Mark vs. Skeleton Joe album on the way as well. “We were originally intending to release it earlier, but, with the pandemic, and other things going on in the world, it just hasn’t seemed appropriate," Lanegan says. "Now, we both feel more comfortable creeping some of this material into the open, and these two tracks are just a teaser for what’s to come with the full length.” Adds Cardamome, "Some little touches here and there still, but all in all we got a record on the way."

Lanegan, who has released holiday records as Dark Mark, is on the new Moby album and is on Manic Street Preachers' upcoming album as well.

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