Veteran electronic musician (and Africa Hitech member) Mark Pritchard has announced that his next solo album, Under the Sun, will be out May 13 via Warp. It's got some pretty exciting guests, including Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke, psychedelic folk legend Linda Perhacs, folktronica musician Bibio, and alt-rapper Beans. We've yet to hear any of the songs with guests yet, but the ambient lead single "Sad Alron" is out now. Watch the video, and check out the album artwork and tracklist, below.


Mark Pritchard Under the Sun

1 ?
2 Give It Your Choir (feat. Bibio)
3 Infrared
4 Falling
5 Beautiful People (feat. Thom Yorke)
6 Where Do They Go, The Butterflies
7 Sad Alron
8 You Wash My Soul (feat. Linda Perhacs)
9 Cycles of 9
10 Hi Red
11 Ems
12 The Blinds Cage (feat. Beans)
13 Dawn Of The North
14 Khufu
15 Rebel Angels
16 Under The Sun

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