Garage rock vet Mark Sultan is best known for his BBQ moniker which he's used in association (and out) with King Khan. He's got a new album, simply titled BBQ, which will be out November 25 via In the Red. That's the cover art above and tracklist is below. On this one, Mark is exploring the "teenage sad song" in his own well-established style. You can get a taste of BBQ right now with first single "Rock Me." Listen below.

Mark will be out on tour as one half of King Khan & BBQ Show, hitting NYC on November 22 at Bowery Ballroom. Tickets are still available.


Mark Sultan - BBQ - tracklist
01. Agitated
02. The Other Two
03. Broken Arms
04. Black & Blue
05. Knock On Wook
06. Will You Teach Me
07. Now You’re Gone
08. You To Be Mine
09. Rock Me
10. I Love You So Much
11. It’s Suicide
12. Let Me Be

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