Yesterday (9/25), Marshstepper member, Destruction Unit member and Ascetic House co-owner J.S. Aurelius posted to Facebook with a number of screenshots from the Instagram of clothing company Rocawear (founded of course by Jay Z), which seem to indicate that Rocawear stole a design from Marshstepper for a new line of t-shirts and hoodies called "Hellraisers."

This seems like a pretty cut and dry case of the large clothing label stealing the design of the DIY noise band, right down to the "MRSHSTPR" - "HLRSRS" thing. And note the ironic "if you see something that doesn't feel right" slogan from Rocawear's instagram that J.S. Aurelius quotes in his facebook post.

This is the latest incident in the recent trend of fashion lines co-opting underground music for its own purposes. And, if it makes you feel better, Jay Z, when contacted about this, told FACT that he has "no continuing involvement" with Rocawear. Jay wouldn't do something like this. He sticks to ripping off The Haxan Cloak.

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