You may have heard about the building scaffolding that collapsed in NYC's busy SoHo neighborhood on Sunday (11/19), that was blown over by high winds and injured five people. It turns out that Martha Wainwright was among them, as she shared on Facebook:

It's so odd to say this, but I was one of those 5 injured in Sunday's incident in Manhattan when some scaffolding toppled over. The whole experience was terrifying. I started running when I realized that the scaffolding was going. It fell on my back and arm. It could have been so much worse. The people around were incredible as they instantaneously started moving the rubble to free those who were pinned underneath. I stood in a daze and was then brought into an ambulance where they bandaged my arm and put ice on my shoulder. Realizing that nothing was broken, I opted to go do my gig rather then sit in an emergency room for hours. I think I was in shock. It was very scary especially when I realized I was under it as it was falling. I'm in some pain and bruised up but I'm so glad it wasn't worse for me. I hope that the other victims of the accident are doing ok.

As she mentioned, Martha had a show that night as part of City Vineyard's "Voices on the Hudson" series, which she played. Martha, we're glad you're ok! There's a little video of Martha playing "Voices on the Hudson" Sunday night, as well as footage of people helping free the victims in the scaffolding collapse, below.