UPDATE: Though the Martin Shkreli event ticket page is still up, Webster Hall is no longer listed as the venue, and Webster Hall talent buyer Ric Leichtung seems to imply that the venue had something to do with that decision:

On the event's cancellation, Martin Shkreli says, "It's sad that a couple of threats can cancel a 500 person event people wanted to go to..."

Controversial pharmaceutical CEO and self-proclaimed "pharma bro," AIDS drug price-gouger, former Collect Records backer and buyer of a Wu-Tang album for $2 million, Martin Shkreli, has a few upcoming speaking engagements. Shkreli is due to give talks at Harvard University and UMASS Boston this week (assuming he got permission to travel). He was arrested for securities fraud in 2015 and is unable to travel outside the NYC metro area under his bail conditions, according to NY Daily News.

Shkreli is also selling tickets to a February 20th talk at Webster Hall, where the music fan has likely been to a show or two. An Evening With Martin Shkreli is being billed like this:

An Evening With Martin Shkreli - Martin will discuss investing, healthcare and politics in a presentation/lecture format for one hour and will take questions. There will be a bar session after the Q&A where Shkreli will be available to chat and take photographs. He WILL play tracks from his unreleased music collection (Wu-Tang and more).

UPDATE: One of Webster Hall's talent buyers (aka music bookers). Ric Leichtung, has posted that he is "disgusted":

Ric also points out that the event is a rental, meaning that there's a good chance that nobody that deals with music at the venue even knew it was happening (and official Webster Hall events are all on Ticketweb, not Eventbrite).

Shkreli was scheduled to speak at UC Davis with Breitbart columnist Milo Yiannopoulos in January. The event was shut down by protests, and Shkreli was hit in the face with what people are saying was dog poop. Video below:

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