San Diego Comic Con is underway and with it comes a deluge of news about new shows and movies (and comics). Earlier today we talked about the Mr. Robot panel, but there's plenty more to discuss. Obviously, one of the most active presences is Marvel, who have become practically synonymous with the event itself over the past few years. This year, the focus was squarely on the generally pretty great Netflix shows that the comic-book behemoth continues to produce.

The Marvel Comic Con presence has so far included a bunch of teasers of new stuff. While there will be returns of Jessica Jones (S2) and Daredevil (back for S3 after some speculation), they also released the first footage from a trio of anticipated new shows. First off, there's Luke Cage, which inhabits the same NYC world as Jessica Jones (where he was a supporting character on the Netflix series) and Daredevil. They shared a ton of footage from the show, including a teaser trailer (which generally shows Cage kicking ass and is set to Ol' Dirty Bastard s "Shimmy Shimmy Ya"). You can check out below. Among the interesting tidbits from the panel was star Mike Colter divulging that the show will drop on Netflix on September 30, and showrunner Cheo Coker saying that each episode will be named after a Gang Starr song, and that the show was part of the "Wu-Tangification of the Marvel universe." Which sounds great.

In other new Marvel/Netflix stuff, they revealed that there will be an Iron Fist series as well. Played by actor Finn Jones (best known as Loras Tyrell from Game of Thrones, which also has a strong SDCC presence of course, more on that later), the martial-arts practicing Iron Fist was teamed with Luke Cage in the '70s Power Man and Iron Fist comic series, and has been a part of the Marvel Universe for over 40 years. The trailer is short on details, but you can watch below

And finally they unveiled a teaser for Defenders, which shows you literally nothing (although it is set to "Come as You Are"). But Defenders is the logical extension of this whole thing, gritty, NYC-set Netflix heroes uniting as the gritty, NYC-based arm of the Avengers. Luke Cage, Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist, ("You think the four of you can save New York?" someone says in voiceover). Should be fun for those of us who are enjoying this lower-key extension of the Marvel universe.

Check out all three of those trailers below.

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