Marvel's Black Panther movie is huge (officially a $1 billion hit), and with a major Marvel movie comes lots of merch. Some of the merch for this particular movie was inspired by a couple metal band logos that work especially well with the name "Black Panther." As Metal Injection points out, Target is selling a Black Panther shirt based on the classic album artwork for "Black" Sabbath's Vol. 4, and JC Penney is selling one based on Pantera's logo (the Italian word "pantera" is derived from the Latin "panthera," which "panther" is also derived from) (though perhaps Pantera was not the best choice). You can see the shirts pictured above.

As a bonus, GameStop is selling a Black Panther tee which sorta looks Metallica-inspired, and there are tons of (unofficial) NWA-inspired "Straight Outta Wakanda" shirts on sale at various websites.

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