by Ian Chainey

Maryland Deathfest XIII happens May 21 - 24, 2015, and today the first round of confirmed bands were announced. 32 in total were listed to whet the appetites of early birds interested in snatching up their tickets when they become available on Saturday, July 19 at 3 PM EST through the Maryland Deathfest website. The bands include such heavyweights as Neurosis, D.R.I., and Triptykon, who missed this year's fest due to the passing of H.R. Giger. Triptykon leads a number of bands who will be making MDF their exclusive US appearance in 2015. Others include Australia's Portal, Sweden's Wolfbrigade, and Norway's Arcturus. The full list that's full of pleasant surprises -- Hello, Bulldozer! Hello, Melt-Banana! -- appears below.

So, while the bill will look different, the venues will remain the same. Per the promoters:

We were satisfied with the venue situation this year, so we've decided to use the same set up again next year. What does this mean? We will use the Edison Lot (located at 545 N. High St) for our 2 main stages, Rams Head (located at 20 Market Pl) will be used each night and will host death/black metal bands, and Soundstage (located at 124 Market Pl) will be used each day/night for grind/hardcore/punk bands. On Thursday, only Rams Head will be used.

The full list of bands along with the trailer for Welcome to Deathfest that documents the 2013 event and screens in NYC soon, below...


Maryland Deathfest - May 21-24, 2015 - First Round of Confirmed Bands
* = exclusive US appearance
Aeternus (Norway) *
Arcturus (Norway) *
Aura Noir (Norway) *
Bulldozer (Italy) *
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult (Germany)
Dragged into Sunlight (UK)
Einherjer (Norway) *
Impetuous Ritual (Australia) *
Lock Up *
Lycanthrophy (Czech Republic)
Melt-Banana (Japan)
Metal Church
Portal (Australia) *
Serpentine Path
Skepticism (Finland) *
Suffering Mind (Poland)
Triptykon (Switzerland) *
Tsjuder (Norway) *
Twilight of the Gods *
Ufomammut (Italy)
Vallenfyre (UK) *
Vulcano (Brazil) *
Wolfbrigade (Sweden) *

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