Maryland Deathfest 2017 has added bands to its lineup. Additions include Conan, Cryptopsy, Exumer, Insect Warfare, Malignancy, Morbid Saint (not to be confused with Morbid Angel, who were already announced), October Tide, SubRosa, Wormrot, and more.

The new names join previously-announced artists Autopsy, Acid King, Siege, Terrorizer, Behexen, Sargeist, and more. The next batch of tickets go on sale Friday (7/22) at 10 AM.

The fest also revealed some new info on the venues for the 2017 edition:

Only 2 venues will be used next year, Rams Head Live and Baltimore Soundstage. Not using Edison Lot may come as a bit of a surprise to some of you, but to make a long story short, the cost of production to use Edison all weekend is too much to justify using it again next year. We prefer to stay true to our roots and not seek a bunch of sponsors or raise ticket prices to help fuel the cost of continuing a 3 venue format, so downscaling to 2 venues was in our best interest.

We know that many of you will form your own opinion about what we should do, but please know that this decision was necessary for MDF to continue for years to come. This is not a sign of the demise of MDF and we aren't ruling out the possibility of outdoor stage(s) at a future MDF.
Please also note that we are currently exploring the possibility of using as much space as possible in and around Power Plant (where Rams Head and Soundstage are located), which will create more space in one centralized area and will help make your experience at MDF XV a positive one. The fest is in 10 months, so be sure that we'll have a plan in place long before you arrive.

Once again, the Thursday show at Rams Head will feature doom/stoner/sludge bands, while Baltimore Soundstage will feature death metal.

From Friday-Sunday, Rams Head will be running all day and night instead of just late evening hours. Rams Head will feature death/black/thrash metal bands all weekend.

From Friday-Sunday, Soundstage will be running all day and night just as it has in the past. Soundstage will feature grindcore/powerviolence/hardcore/punk bands all weekend.

This venue format will allow us to keep collisions of 2 bands playing at one time to a minimum. You also only have to walk 2 minutes between the venues.

As always, merch vendors will be present at MDF 2017. We'll let you know more about where they'll be located in the coming months.

Here's the full list of MDF 2017 additions:

Captain Cleanoff (Australia)
Conan (UK)
Cryptopsy (Canada)
Ex Dementia
Exumer (Germany) -Exclusive U.S. appearance!
Father Befouled
Insect Warfare
Meth Leppard (Australia)
Morbid Saint
Necropsy (Finland)
October Tide (Sweden) - Exclusive U.S. appearance!
Skeletal Remains
Torture Rack
Vader (Poland) - Exclusive U.S. appearance!
War Master
Wormrot (Singapore)

And all previously announced bands:

Acid King
Akercocke (UK) – Exclusive U.S. appearance!
Behexen (Finland) – Exclusive U.S. appearance!
Decrepit Birth
In The Woods… (Norway) – Exclusive U.S. appearance!
Iron Lung
Morbid Angel (with Trey Azagthoth and Steve Tucker)
Nordjevel (Norway)
Sargeist (Finland) – Exclusive U.S. appearance!
Terrorizer (World Downfall set)

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