Fans of the fuzzed-out, body-swaying stoner doom of Electric Wizard and Windhand may want to keep their ears peeled for the debut album by Ocean City, Maryland's Dirt Woman, who are cut from that very same cloth and who do a fine job of churning out mammoth riffs and psychedelic haze. Their debut album The Glass Cliff comes out March 13 via Grimoire Records (pre-order), and we're premiering its second single "Creator." The band says:

"Creator" was a turning point for us regarding the songwriting process. Before "Creator" we didn’t have a clear vision of where exactly this album would take us but through writing we found the characteristics that shape us as a collective and our individual strengths. Lyrically it came from a place of discontent for mainstream religions and the oppressive nature of worshiping a singular male god.

Listen below...

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