Gull is the one-person band of Nathaniel Rappole, who began his career as a street musician busking all around the world, and he used those experiences to inform what eventually became a more "professional" music career that's seen him tour with White Rabbits, play Austin Psych Fest, and more. He performs in a mask with a guitar, a drum set, and effects pedals, so he might remind you of Lightning Bolt/Black Pus on the surface, but musically he sounds more like the mathy art pop of Battles. If you're unfamiliar with Gull, you can get a feel for what he's like by watching a handful of very cool live videos below.

Gull is releasing a new album, Relative Stranger, on August 21 via Lagom Audio/Visual (pre-order). We're premiering new song "Mouth to Match" and its video, of which Gull says, "I've had 2 dreams where my consciousness was in the body of a horse. The first was a sex dream and I was a Clydesdale. 'Mouth To Match' is a song about the second dream, which had me as a young Pinto running in a desert. The sun was beating down and I could see the length of my face, and blood pumping through the sweat drenched veins of my front left leg."

He adds, "I wanted the imagery of the video to be difficult to discern, and attempted to create rhythm based death-light that emanated from the end of a reflective tunnel." Watch/listen below.


Lifted by Dance
Find Out
Mouth to Match
Burning Shoals
Harangue Gang
Losing Light
The Time We Have
Relative Stranger

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