by Ian Chainey

still from "High Road" video

While Mastodon's maturation into a prog metal beast is divisive, it's difficult to deny the smile their new video "High Road" will paint across your mug. The video features a Rocky-esque rise to power for a LARP (Live Action Role Playing) participant who initially can't even escape reality's bullies on the field of fantasy. The flick was directed by Roboshobo and shot around the Los Angeles area. Many lightning bolts were cast and many natural 20s were rolled to bring you this four-minute highlight of your Wednesday. (Also, reminder: Don't be a dink, be nice to your grandma on all saving throws.)

"High Road" is off of Mastodon's forthcoming album, Once More 'Round the Sun, due out June 24 via Reprise Records (preorder). Mastodon, who played NYC last month, have also released "Chimes at Midnight" from the record.

The "High Road" video appears below.


Mastadon - "High Road"

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