Mastodon are streaming a unique show next month, filmed in an aquarium. They've announced Captured Live At Georgia Aquarium, airing on July 15, at 9 PM ET. It's their first ever acoustic set, and the livestream will also include commentary from the band on their creative process. Tickets and merch are on sale now, and you can watch a trailer below.

Meanwhile, a few classic albums from the band's discography, 2002's Remission, 2004's Leviathan, and 2006 compilation Call of the Mastodon, have been reissued on gorgeous butterfly wing and splatter vinyl. Remission is on purple with blue and black/gold splatter double vinyl, Leviathan is on blue with white and gold/black splatter vinyl, and Call of the Mastodon is on blue with gold and white/black splatter vinyl. See what they look like below, and order them in our store.

Mastodon vinyl
Mastodon livestream poster

Mastodon are also one of the 350 bands playing Hellfest 2022.

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