The National frontman Matt Berninger has released a gorgeous new song, "Let It Be," which will appear on the deluxe edition of his 2020 solo album Serpentine Prison, due March 12. "This is a new song about an old frenemy. Not Paul McCartney or Westerberg," Matt says, and he added on Twitter, "this is not a cover, but it was written with Mike Brewer, the Paul McCartney of southern Ohio." Now when Matt sings "If you want to see me cry/play Let It Be or Nevermind," we'll have to wonder if he means The Beatles, The 'Mats, or himself.

It's a classic Matt Berninger-sounding ballad; if you liked his solo album or Matt/The National in general, you should definitely listen to this too. Check it out below.

Matt also just updated his Social Distancing Distortion playlist: