Matt Pond PA is releasing A Collection of Bees Part 1, a compilation of "early demos and archived tracks" from the past 20 or so years of his career, on February 7 (pre-order). The songs have been remixed and remastered (and in one case, re-recorded), and as for what inspired Matt to release this, he says, "Whether it’s nostalgia or second guessing – I realized that there was still a lot of material [from the Matt Pond PA era] which should be allowed to breathe, have space, and be heard – without the pressure of touring and putting out music quickly, you can think more clearly."

We're premiering an acoustic version of Matt's 2013 single "Starlet," along with a video, and this version features guest vocals by Anya Marina. It's a gorgeous, tender take on the song, and it's really a true reinvention that takes on a whole new life of its own compared to the original. Here's what Matt tells us about it:

The elusive and unpredictable manner of wildlife has been a long-running metaphor for relationships in the music I write—these beautifully, screwed-up interactions we pursue until we die.

There's a local photographer named Justin Schmidt who shoots amazing nature photos. I don't know who was a fan of whom first, but I love his photography and he's into our music. He shot the photo for A Collection Of Bees, Part 1.

Then I asked Justin if he had any extra video clips lying around. Simply playing these videos in succession felt perfect on top of the music for Starlet.

It’s taken me forever to get to this place in time where my life feels right. I don’t want to force anything anymore. I don’t want to pretend to be anything that I’m not. I want to know and work with people that I truly respect. I love knowing and working with people who feel the same way.

That’s what the video of Starlet is. It makes me proud to be alive and know some amazing human beings. (As always, Mr. Chris Hansen and his editing are right up there at the top.)

Watch/listen below...