Matt Sweeney & Bonnie "Prince" Billy release their terrific second album Superwolves this week via Drag City, and they've just shared one final cut before the whole thing drops. "Resist the Urge" is one of the sweetest songs on the album, with Will Oldham singing words of comfort to his daughters, set to a sunny melody and delicate guitar-picking by Matt and double bass from David "Fergie" Ferguson (who also worked as an engineer on the album).

The video for "Resist the Urge" was made by skateboarder Kevin “Spanky” Long and photographer/skateboarder Atiba Jefferson, and stars Spanky navigating tricks through a surreal environment inhabited by Matt and Will. "Spanky and Atiba's video rules. We try to make the listener feel insanely at home in a musical space, says Oldham. "Atiba and Spanky have made us feel like we own a share of the skateable world."

Says Atiba, "I always wanted to see a full video part with just one skater, and once I got asked to work on a video for this record, I knew that Kevin ‘Spanky’ Long was perfect- his way of cutting out, resizing, moving and manipulating photos and videos is amazing, but also he is an amazing pro skater. I asked a lot of Spanky: I wanted him to star, direct, edit, film and do all of the artwork! It was a tall ask but I know his love for Matt and Will would shine thru. This video was made in the pandemic so it was just me and him going out and shooting together. We shot around LA for 14 days over four months. It was great to work so closely with Spanky’s vision but still have him in front of the camera. This collaboration of directing together was great because we are two different generations of skateboarders, but both coming from the pro skater's perspective.”

Watch the video below.

Matt and Bonnie have outdoor West Coast shows in June.