Matt Valentine has been trawling the astral plane for a good 20 years, both solo and as part of groups like The Tower Recordings, MV & EE and Wet Tuna. He's set to release new solo head trip, Preserves, on November 8 via Beyond Beyond is Beyond. The record features sonic support from Samara Lubelski, Mick Flower, J. Mascis, P.G. Six, Willie Lane, Erika "EE" Elder, Anthony Pasquarosa, Ryan Jewell, Coot Moon, Spanish Wolfman, and more. The album, almost literally, sounds like twisting your radio knob though the FM dial if all stations were dedicated to various styles of psych. Spectral folk, spacerock, weird synth, motorik jams, dub, you name it. The album opens with "Light Speed>" which premieres in this post and Matt Tells us a little about:

captured" the basics for this track while trying to do somethin' else. the riff/groove came outta nowhere when i went up the road to my friend john shaw's shed to record and we were attempting to do some drum overdubs. that was going along in as tricky a way as one might think so i plugged into a vintage small stone and twin reverb, he on skins, and we warmed up funky. it was soundin cool to me so the red light was on. man we just jammed smiling...we had been doing these bombed out freeform nocturne sessions there and i love the tight sound of the space which he built by hand. feels organic. the rest of the song just came to me in whirlwind, i was grateful...always am when that happens, just flows. it had a vibe that reminds me of samara lubelski so i asked her to color in some more with her sweet analog magic...she gave it quite a dose of strings & harmony vocal. it didn't have bass & neither of us thought it "had to have it" but i had recently done some gigs with my friend marc seedorf, "solo" action and a neil young trib gig...he has a sound that works well with whatever i orbit his way...he had engineered a bunch of my midden mound record. fantasies of DANKo, rob thomas & ESG rolled into a fat one. so we dubbed and arrived at a dial up VERSION.

Warm up your warp drives and listen to "Light Speed>" below.

Matt doesn't have any solo gigs coming up, but his band Wet Tuna will play the Woodsist Festival in Accord, NY at the end of the month. Wet Tuna have a new single out, too -- "Going" -- and you can stream that below as well.


Matt Valentine - Preserves tracklist:
01 Light Speed>
02 Cosmic Debris>
03 Movin' (For the Cosmic Range)
04 Analog Love>
05 Crystal Mava
06 Be Kind
07 Minor Rager>Calliphygian Niekro>Minor Rager>
08 Rockbottomless

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