Virgina screamo band Infant Island already put out not one but two great records this year, the Beneath LP and the Sepulcher mini-LP, and now Infant Island guitarist/vocalist Alexander Rudenshiold's band Mattachine (whose lineup also includes Michael Toney of Black Matter Device, who recorded and guested on Sepulcher) have a new EP coming too. It's called Isolation as a Form of Torture and it's due June 5 via Zegema Beach Records, and you can hear opening track "Sisyphus" right now.

"These songs are sort of a reaction to what I see as a cultural ostracization from hardcore that gay men feel," Alex tells us. "Between cultural expectations of gay men to be effeminate, and the pervading belief that the hardcore scene is generally the purview of jocks, it’s not always a space that I (and other gay men that I know) have felt comfortable in. It’s a microcosm of society (yes, I said it) at-large in that sense, and while obviously things are changing and there are other bands making inroads — it’s not hard to find overt and latent homophobia hanging around your local hardcore scene."

He continues, "While trying to tread the line between being political and not-too-serious, Mattachine is simultaneously a statement about and a parody of trends in hardcore today — while also being, in my biased opinion, hard as fuck. Conceptually, this band has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, so being able to record this with my boyfriend, Justin, and our friend Michael from Black Matter Device (though he is no longer actively in the band) felt incredibly satisfying. It’s definitely a shitshow, but it’s a fun one at the very least."

I'll have to echo Alex in saying this is indeed hard as fuck. Infant Island may be screamo, but this is heavy as bricks, ass-kicking, sludgy metalcore, and Alex's coarse scream fits perfectly with the thick slabs of riffage on this song. It's a fun, physical release, but it's also very powerful stuff, especially when Alex screams lines like this:

no matter how many times you call us faggots
no matter how many times you call us queers
no matter the number of us you murder for your entertainment
and no matter how many loads of bullshit that you shoot all over us
just know that in the end we’ll all sleep together, one day, we’ll all sleep together rotting in the same fucking dirt

Listen for yourself below and head over to Bandcamp for pre-orders.

1. Sisyphus
2. Perversion for Profit
3. Isolation as a Form of Torture
4. Boys Beware

Lyrics at the end of Boys Beware adapted from "The Queer Nation Manifesto" – originally distributed by ACT UP at the 1990 NYC gay pride parade.

Mattachine on this recording is Alexander Rudenshiold, Michael Toney, and Justin Reichard.

Recorded and mixed by Michael Toney in Fredericksburg, VA.

Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audioseige in Chicago, IL.

At various other points Mattachine has also included Austin O'Rourke, Taimir Gore, Roman Rodriguez, and Kyle Wilson.

Cover art by Alaiaorax.

Released by Zegema Beach Records.

Mattachine Isolation As a Form of Torture

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