Max Bemis (sort of) retired Say Anything last year and got to work on solo projects and other collaborations instead, and now he's gearing up to do an acoustic performance of Say Anything's best album ...Is A Real Boy on a livestream on September 8 at 8 PM ET. Tickets are on BrooklynVegan presale now, using the password MaxBV.

Tickets are available alone, or with an exclusive poster and shirt.

Here's an excerpt of what we said about ...Is A Real Boy in our rundown of Say Anything's discography:

What is there to say about this tremendously influential album that hasn’t already been said? Holocaust love anthem “Alive with the Glory of Love” and by extension ...Is a Real Boy introduced most of the world to Max Bemis’s caustic wit and overflowing sexual energy. It showcases Say Anything’s creativity and confidence that came to define the band for 15 years.

Originally intended to be a full-fledged Rock Opera, the band brought on Hedwig and the Angry Inch composer and lyricist Stephen Trask to produce the album. However, those ambitions fell by the wayside due to the compounding anxiety Max felt while writing and recording the album, eventually leading to a mental breakdown that forced the whole process to be reconsidered. Those ambitions shine on though, resulting in a rock opera-like album that is diverse, giving the songs a variety of perspectives.

Musically, this was nothing like its contemporaries. From the opening of “Belt” and “Woe” it is clear these songs don’t follow any traditional formula and experiment with genres like math-rock, punk, pop, indie rock, and more, all with a theatrical spin. The album does not let up all the way to the raucous spoken word finale “Admit It!!!” Here Max brutally takes down rich materialists who claim to be anti-capitalist, and a handful of other kinds of hypocrites.

Watch Max play ...Is A Real Boy's "I Want To Know Your Plans" solo acoustic in 2012:

Max Bemis


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