Max Bemis recently announced a new Say Anything album, OLIVER APPROPRIATE, and said that he'd be (sort of) retiring Say Anything after its release. He's not done releasing music though -- far from it. Max and his wife Sherri DuPree-Bemis (of Eisley) launched a Kickstarter to crowdfund four releases ("one full length LP, two EPs and one of indeterminate length") by the Bemis family: solo albums by both Max and Sherri, a new album by their collaborative Perma project, and an album by their daughters under the name Flower Petal Flower Rose. They also say they'll "stream them for free regardless of who backs this Kickstarter."

The Perma record is called Fight Fair and Max said it "sounds like Title Fight, kinda," and here's what he says about his solo release:

My E.P is me writing songs without worrying about the history of Say Anything et al clouding what I want to do. It's just what I want to hear me sing about, in the style I choose, and of course that means a lot of angst and singing about Sherri. However my influences from hip-hop and pop (the first music I loved, even before punk rock) are a lot more prevalent on this first excursion. So if you hate Do Better, Crush'd, Baby Girl, or our album I Don't Think It Is, I would steer clear even if you donate just so you can hear Sherri's better E.P or the Perma stuff (or out of some sick voyeuristic thing, but hey, you do you, honey).

You can read more and donate here.

You can watch the video for Perma's 2014 song "Little Light" and stream the recently-released Say Anything song "Daze" below.

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