Composer and Sleep specialist Max Richter released Voices last August, a work where he set readings of The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights to music. He's now set to release the second part of Voices, which is a purely instrumental work that builds on the musical themes of first Voices. It's out April 9 via Decca.

The music for Voices 2 was recorded during the same sessions, with the same players, as the first, with Max recording additional piano parts during lockdown at Abbey Road Studios. From it, he's shared "Mirrors," a simple Richter-ian piano figure that builds as it goes. You can check it out via its music video, which was directed by Max's wife and creative partner, Yulia Mahr, below, along with the first part of Voices.

Voices 2 tracklist:
1. Psychogeography
2. Mirrors
3. Follower
4. Solitaries
5. Movement Study
6. Prelude 2
7. Colour Wheel
8. Origins (Solo)
9. Little Requiems (Cello Version)
10. Mercy Duet