"2022 has been the best year for new music so far this century," says Ben Jacobs, the multi-talented maximalist producer, musician and hyperpop progenitor also known as Max Tundra. "So it was a bit tricky trying to whittle this list down to a mere 10 albums." But whittle he did, and his list includes Palm, Yves Jarvis, Jockstrap, Fievel Is Glauque, Dear Nora, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, and more. Check that out, complete with Ben's commentary on all 10, below.

While it's been a few years since Max Tundra released a new studio album, this year saw reissues of 2000's Some Best Friend You Turned Out to Be, 2002’s Mastered by Guy at the Exchange, and 2008's Parallax Error Beheads You, as well as the release of Remixtape which features remixes, reworks and a couple of covers of his songs by artists he's influenced, including Kero Kero Bonito, Julia Holter, A.G. Cook, Katie Dey, and more. You can listen to that below.

In other news, Max Tundra has created a version of holiday hymn "Silent Night" for PC game Trombone Champ which is in the latest update of the game. You can watch a playthrough video of that below.

Max Tundra's Favorite Music of 2022

Jockstrap - I Love You Jennifer B
2022 has been the best year for new music so far this century, so it was a bit tricky trying to whittle this list down to a mere 10 albums, but even a miniature appraisal of the year should include this joyous explosion of music from Jockstrap. Playful melodies abound, and a disdain for pre-existing genres, means this really rattled my brain the moment I heard it. The perfect antidote to so much drab, dour music there still seems to be out there, at this of all times. Hopefully ILYJB will encourage others to shrug off their stylistic straitjackets.

Beast Nest - Sicko
A hypnotic, wild ride into darkness - effervescing, transfixing, transgressive. An addictive, heady/heavy listen - one of those came-from-nowhere moments for me.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Let's Turn It Into Sound
Astonishing reinvention of pop music in KAS's latest left-turn, in a career full of them. Beautiful, strange, starlit melodies from a true master.

Palm - Nicks And Grazes
The grooviest "rock" band out there. Taking the chiming emotional moods evoked by many a modern classical composer and transforming them into deranged sonic sculptures. An unmissable live act too - Palm are one for the ages.

Dylan Moon - Option Explore
Dreamlike, inventive and curious. Almost-outsider private press vibes, with a stunningly original flavour. Hope Dylan plays a show in London some time!

Yves Jarvis - The Zug
Was lucky to catch Yves on his first London show this year - the songs on this record are addictive, with a heart-melting, yearning quality to them. Something about the sound feels as if this music has been with us for all time.

death's dynamic shroud - Darklife
Super-inventive hyperactive pop. Melodic, sugar-rush deliciosity. Saw one of their stickers in a bathroom at a venue in London when they were NOWHERE NEARBY - yet another mysterious occurrence from this lot.

Tchotchke - Tchotchke
Blissed-out Rundgrenalia for our times. Incredible songwriting with the catchy factor.

Fievel Is Glauque - Flaming Swords
Stunning musicianship doesn't always translate into anything listenable let alone as incroyable as this latest "waxing" from FiG. Get it on!

Dear Nora - Human Futures
Many of the best songs are by Dear Nora. You'll keep coming back to these, if you've any sense.


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