Maximo Park guitarist Duncan Lloyd is releasing a solo album, I O U O M E, this week (May 26) via Afternoon in Bed Records. Where Maximo Park are often strident and anthemic, this record finds him in hazy dreampop mode, recalling the early '90s shoegaze heyday. (His ability for a catchy chorus has not wavered here.) The record features "Heart in Delay" which is a duet with Nicole Yun of former tourmates Eternal Summers. Says Duncan, "We recorded it driven and raw to suit the sentiment." It's one of the album's most immediate songs and the video for it premieres in this post. Watch it, and listen to another song off the album, below.


Duncan Lloyd - I O U O M E tracklist
1. The City Weeps
2. You Seem Confused
3. Heart In Delay
4. Being Frank
5. A Little Lit Up
6. Painters
7. Steel Pin Raindrops
8. Tomorrow's Fires
9. Heads Of The Bastille
10. Really

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