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Mayhem at Irving Plaza (more by Paul Birman)

After cancelling their last batch of dates, Mayhem will head back out to North America for a fall tour with support from Keep Of Kalessin, Hate, and Abigail Williams. Woe will also join on thirteen dates, though no word on which ones. The tour hits NYC at Gramercy Theater on November 3rd. Tickets info is forthcoming. Full tour schedule is below.

In related news, Woe mastermind Chris Grigg recently penned an open letter to Liturgy's Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, an excerpt of which follows:

To the point, then: we get it, dude. You think you are very, very important. Everything about you oozes a sense of superiority. Looking at only the first few pages of your Transcendental Black Metal essay, we find the following:

You somehow decided that black metal is the "culmination of the history of extreme metal."

You explain that traditional black metal is ultimately unfulfilling: "Hyperborean [traditional, Scandinavian-derived] Black Metal represents the mountaineer's arrival at the peak and a supposed leap off of it... And he is left, crestfallen, frozen and alone, in the Hyperborean realm."

You authoritatively claim the blast beat as belonging to black metal, though far from unique to it, because it allows you to rationalize your I-can't-maintain-a-hyper-blast beat by plainly stating, "the technique of Hyperborean Black Metal is the blast beat."

You audaciously inform us that your work is the next stage of the art's evolution with "[Transcendental Black Metal] is a sublimination of Hyperborean Black Metal in both its spiritual aspect and its technical aspect."

Those passages, the essay on the whole, and every attempt to defend your position shows that you lack even the smallest sliver of modesty or respect for your peers or listeners. These qualities -- rather, the lack of these qualities -- are not unusual for black metal artists to possess; after all, concepts of superiority and elitism are hallmarks of traditional black metal. In your case, though, they do not apply because you have gone so far out of your way to show that you are not the typical black metal musician, you are not part of this world -- you are an outsider wearing some (just some) of black metal's skin. I appreciate you taking the effort to describe what you are attempting to do; however, when you make lengthy, authoritative statements decrying black metal as dead and outdated, when you deride everything that came before you as little more than a failed attempt at something that is unreachable, you're thumbing your nose at everyone who does not see things your way. It's obnoxious. It's rude. It's annoying.

Check out the whole thing at Metal Review. All tour dates and some video is below.

mayhem at cbgb's 6 10 2001

Mayhem live @ The Fillmore at the Irving PlaInter Armaa in NYC 5/21/09

Nov 02 Baltimore, MD @ Sonar
Nov 03 New York, NY @ The Gramercy Theatre
Nov 04 Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero
Nov 05 Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall
Nov 06 Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
Nov 07 Quebec City, QC @ Imperial
Nov 08 Ottawa, ON @ Mavericks
Nov 10 Toronto, ON @ The Opera House
Nov 11 Cleveland, OH @ Peabody's
Nov 12 Detroit, MI @ Blondie's
Nov 13 Chicago, IL @ Reggie's Rock Club
Nov 14 St. Paul, MN @ Station 4
Nov 15 Thunder Bay, ON @ Crocks
Nov 16 Winnipeg, MB @ The Osbourne Village Inn
Nov 17 Regina, SK @ Exchange
Nov 18 Edmonton, AB @ Starlite Room
Nov 19 Calgary, AB @ Dickens
Nov 21 Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theater
Nov 22 Seattle, WA @ El CoraInter Armaon
Nov 23 Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theater
Nov 25 San Francisco, CA @ The Grand Ballroom
Nov 26 Santa Ana, CA @ Galaxy Theatre
Nov 27 West Hollywood, CA @ House Of Blues
Nov 28 Tempe, AInter Arma @ The Clubhouse
Nov 29 Salt Lake City, UT @ The Complex
Nov 30 Denver, CO @ Bluebird Theater
Dec 02 Dallas, TX @ Trees
Dec 03 San Antonio, TX @ Backstage Live
Dec 04 Austin, TX @ Emo's
Dec 05 Houston, TX @ Scout Bar
Dec 06 New Orleans, LA @ The Hangar
Dec 07 Orlando, FL @ The Club
Dec 08 Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
Dec 09 Louisville, KY @ Phoenix Hill Tavern
Dec 10 Charlotte, NC @ Tremont Music Hall
Dec 11 Springfield, VA @ Jaxx

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